Welcome to, This website will show you the progress of making my own Iron Man suit, as well as showing you explanations of how i made it along the way so you can make your very own!
Not only will this site show you how i built my iron man suit so that you can build your own too, but also hopefully in the future we will have other tutorials for making other kinds of movie costumes, suits and props. If you have any tutorials you have made for any kind of suit/prop making lessons or techniques we would love to hear from you, visit the contact page and email us with your written lessons and/or pictures, or your youtube videos and we will upload them onto our tutorials page , so the world can see your handywork, as well as promoting your lessons at the same time! (the videos/tutorials will still belong to you, we will just use our site to host/link to your lessons for promotional purposes. We will not take any credit for other peoples work and will always give 100% credit to the original creator.)
Recent Updates
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August 17th 2012
I have rebuilt the helmet so that it now has no slits or cuts to make the curves, and also built the final parts of the suit in foam, it now needs sealing and i can start molding it all. My Progress
November 25th 2012
Although the videos have been on youtube for a while, i have only just gotten around to updating the website, but there is now a page for editing pepakura files for use with foam, and i will be adding more pages / updates soon.
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March 23rd 2013
OK, so I admit I have been lazy in updating my website! but finally I have a little update! on my WED sculpted Iron Man Helmet! you will find my sculpt under my new Projects page, or a direct link to the scuplt HERE
August 10th 2013
New sculpt build will be coming soon! This time I have been using Chavant NSP Medium clay.
Also to announce that my work might be getting even slower as I am currently in the process of moving from the UK to Canada! Which means I will have to start afresh with builds when I arrive in Canada!! (Ugh!)